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6 weeks since the outbreak
The power's still on... but for how long? This surviving stuff sucks. Supplies are slowly disappearing, but the dead keep rising. Is it over yet?

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A little confused on how to make it in the Z-pocalypse? Check out our "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse for Dummies" guide!

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5 2 May 18 2015, 10:46 PM
In: Plot
By: Ivy
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Site updates and OTMs will be posted here by your favorite zombie wrangling admins. Stay tuned!

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3 2 Jul 11 2015, 10:23 PM
In: Site Plot Want Ads
By: Silver

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Post your incomplete and/or completed biography applications under the appropriate boards using the template provided.

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1 1 Apr 8 2015, 09:45 PM
In: Application Template
By: Ivy
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Accepted characters will be moved here once an admin has approved them. You may not post until then.

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18 18 Dec 5 2015, 08:25 PM
In: Young, Caleb Matthew
By: Ivy
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Make sure you fill out the claims here to ensure your character's play by and such aren't taken by someone else. Both are mandatory.

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3 1 Apr 25 2015, 09:48 PM
In: Open Thread Listing
By: Silver
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All intra-character development is to be posted and found here. So go ahead and get your plotting on!

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2 2 May 12 2015, 04:05 AM
In: We All Fall Down
By: Warren Rosenthal

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No New Posts Woolloomooloo Bay

Finger Wharf ZART HQ SILAS

With a name like Woolloomooloo Bay, you know it's a good place to hang out. This large bay area is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and cafes. A mere mile away from the government and business district of Sydney, Wolloomooloo Bay is a well known local hang spot. The bay itself is most notable for its Finger Wharf sitting within the very center of the water like a giant middle finger to the world. A popular spot, the bay is riddled with zombies of every kind. Grab a cup of Joe or an escape boat. Your call.

Subforums: Finger Wharf, ZART HQ, S.I.L.A.S.

2 28 Sep 4 2016, 04:32 PM
In: In Another Life
By: Elizabeth Price
No New Posts Allianz Stadium

Once a well known and well used rugby stadium, the Allianz Stadium now sits alone and unloved. Hoards of zombies infest this arena. At the time of the apocalypse, many had gathered to see the latest rugby match. The infection spread like wildfire. Now the hoard wanders around the stadium aimlessly hoping some fresh meat will wander by. Or maybe they're hoping to see a zombie rugby match? Wasn't there a Taylor Swift concert coming soon?

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No New Posts St. Luke's Hospital

St. Luke's Hospital was once a beautiful, five story hospital with white walls and well furnished rooms that were kept pristinely clean. The staff, warm and friendly, took great care of their patients. The hospital now stands as a grim beacon for scavengers and raiders looking for medical supplies. Its bloody smeared halls and rooms are riddled with the undead making one question whether or not it's worth it to go inside. It's probably not, by the way. Most of those who enter never make it back outside.

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No New Posts Sydney Opera House

Without a doubt one of the most iconic Australian symbols, the Sydney Opera House rests along the Sydney Harbor beckoning all into the city with its great white roofs. This multi-venue performance center was once visited by over a million people a year. Once a place of theatrical and musical wonder, the Opera House is eerily silent except for the sounds of the dead or dying. There are five various sized theaters, the main concert hall, an outdoor forecourt, a recording studio, and several restaurants, cafes, and bars. Although the music and plays have ceased, the Opera House would be quite the cool place to visit. Just mind the dead and be sure to turn off your cell phones. The staff doesn't appreciate people interrupting the concerts.

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No New Posts Hyde Park

War Memorial Cathedral

If zombies aren't chasing you down, why not stop over at Hyde Park. This expansive, beautiful place was once a literal walk in a park. Now it's a short cut to get through town. Be on your guard though. If you have a little time, check out the ANZAC war memorial, Archibald Fountain, or Nagoya Gardens with its giant chess board. There's also a pretty cool Egyptian styled Obelisk if you're into that kind of thing.

Subforums: St. Mary's Cathedral, ANZAC War Memorial

1 2 Jan 10 2016, 12:13 AM
In: Night Air
By: Sarah Engelberger
No New Posts Westfield Plaza

Sydney Tower Amora Hotel

Seven levels of upscale, pricey paradise for the most dedicated of shoppers, the Westfield Plaza was once an extremely busy place. It's still busy, of course, but the undead have claimed it now. With a plethora of ritzy stores, a handful of restaurants, and the best form of exercise ever (stairs), the riches inside can all be yours if you're brave enough. Are you willing to possibly pay the ultimate price to get it? Idiot. Looking for a little bit of everything? Head over to Myer. You'll find what you need there.
Subforums: Sydney Tower, Amora Hotel

3 50 May 3 2016, 04:27 AM
In: Afraid But Not Alone
By: Nathaniel Bartholomew

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No New Posts Railway Stations

Underground Train Tracks

Sydney's rail system travels both above and underground. Strategically placed to alleviate road traffic, Sydney boasts numerous stations throughout the city. This once used to be an efficient and semi-cheap way to travel. Now survivors use the rail systems as a means to navigate through the city. Lost your way? Follow the tracks! They'll lead you somewhere, at least. Underground travel has become a popular means of escaping hoards above ground. Well, for those knowledgeable about the city's underground system. Just be wary of what lurks in the dark, ok. Oh come on, you're not afraid of the dark are you? Geez.

Subforums: Train Tracks, Underground Tunnels

1 0 Nov 10 2015, 04:07 AM
In: Wrong Side of the Tracks (O...
By: Christian Jensen
No New Posts Residential

Apartments/Hotels Housing

Safe Zones Marauder Zones

Like any city, Sydney is littered with apartments, hotels, and neighborhoods. Since the outbreak, you can now add safe zones and marauder zones to that list. Most places have been deserted by any sane living human choosing to flee heavily populated areas. The undead, however, have taken over. If you're lucky, the supplies found in one of theses areas has been protected by a hoard of zombies. The question isn't what supplies are inside. It's whether or not you're stupid enough to risk your life to get it. Some places have already been ransacked, however. Choose your looting location carefully.

Subforums: Apartments & Hotels, Neighborhoods, Safe Zones, Marauder Zones

3 18 Sep 4 2016, 03:43 PM
In: Heroics
By: Arhianna Pilarzyk
No New Posts Long Bay Correctional Facility

Officially called Her Majesty's Australian Prison Long Bay, the locals call it Long Bay. The complex is a maximum and minimum security prison for both genders that is eight miles south of Sydney's central business district. Long Bay is comprised of three separate facilities. The first, Long Bay Hospital, is a maximum security facility containing four wards with up to 120 inmate patients, operational since July 2008. The second, the Metropolitan Special Programs Centre is maximum and minimum security, serving as a jack of all trades, and holding all types of inmates, even some on remand while awaiting trial or those discharged from Long Bay Hospital. The third, the Special Purpose Centre, is a maximum security facility holding inmates requiring specific protection or protocol. Only holding up to 65, the inmates are often police informers or those that would not survive in a mainstream prison.

1 19 May 2 2016, 01:23 AM
In: My World Ended Three Years Ago
By: Thayer Clarke
No New Posts Sydney Airport

Labeled the oldest commercial international airport, the Sydney Airport is only five miles from the center of the city, located in the suburb of Mascot. Currently, the airport has three major runways: "east-west", "north-south", and "third." Three passenger terminals are used in the airport, with the International Terminal being separated from the other two by a runway. The International Terminal has 25 gates, eight airline lounges, and several remote bays, with the building split into three levels: arrivals, departures, and airline offices. An observation deck is located on the rooftop, and the shopping complex has been expanded. Terminal 2 is in the north-eastern section, with 16 parking bays, several remote bays, and two lounges. Terminal 3 is a domestic terminal and has 14 parking bays, three large lounges, and has a good view of the airport apron—the area where aircrafts are parked. Don't expect to see any more planes coming and going, though, not much travels through the airport halls outside of the dead looking for their next meal.

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No New Posts Alternate Universe

This is where you can throw your character into any situation or place that is not canon. Go crazy! Though I don't know how you can top the zombie apocalypse.

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No New Posts Out of Time

In the past or in the future, this is where you can thread your character out of the present time.

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Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Playing Dead
If you're going to be MIA for longer than a week with intentions of returning, we would really appreciate your letting us now. Absence notices are to be posted here.

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No New Posts Creative Corner
OOC games, graphic stations, character journals, etc., can be posted here.

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11 37 Aug 30 2015, 10:37 PM
In: Ivy's Addiction
By: Ivy
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352 171 Feb 21 2018, 02:00 PM
In: Fate Breaking Chains
By: Mope
No New Posts Archives
The graveyard for all dead or incompleted threads. Also where character bios are put to rest.

Subforums: Survival Tips, Survivor Roster, All The Extras, Syndey, Australia, Inner Sydney, AU / Out of Time

72 457 Dec 19 2015, 02:58 AM
In: Bannister, Rory William
By: Rory Bannister

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